Ann. of Hun Tun Xian Xuan Yu Hua Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu(Father):




Announcement of Hun Tun Xian Xuan Yu Hua Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu(Father):

Today is a very important day. Chief Director invited the founders of the Five Religions and the religious leaders of the major countries in the world to gather here. A lot of things happened lately, whether in Taiwan, in Europe, orin the United States. On this special day, I want to tell everyone that you do not have to panic. For what had happened in Taiwan during the last few days, we have it under control. I want to tell everyone that the food you have today is indeed not as healthy as before, but it would not be a big problem. Da Dao Zong Shou Yuan ( complete ending of the universe) is here and Buddhas have gathered. We need to do great things, and therefore, we do not allow any mistakes. Just to remind everyone again, do not consume any living things. Return to the embrace of the nature. You can not only reduce your sins, but also make a contribution to the world. No one can be independent from the world and not be affected. In fact, food is a very basic need and should be very simple. Certain people made a fuss of the recent incidents and further disturbed and influenced our mood. Everyone has to have faith. Hold on to your faith and you will be able to determine what to do and what not to do. Besides Taiwan, different countries encounter different problems. We all know that Europe's problem has dragged on for quite a while. We have sent Winston Churchill to deal with the European issues and his efforts have been quite effective. Although, there is protest from the people and there is no consensus between the people and the government, they must go on the road of reform. They need to tighten their belts and get through these days to amend the past mistakes they have made. In the past, Westerners had led a very comfortable life. They did not need to work hard since they received their government’s care. The Easterners, however, had to work hard to earn a living but with less pay. Yet, we have the belief that if we work hard enough, not relying on others, we will receive what we deserve. This is what is right and proper. The European problem is coming to an end. The turmoil in the Muslim world, however, will take some time to resolve. Because of the conflicts between different religions, a trivial issue will set off big problems. The Muslim areas do not have abundant resources and thus, they have been granted underground oil for them to lead a good life. However, the whole world is competing for the control over oil. They relied on the worldwide demand for natural resources and destroyed inter-regional harmony. The whole world depends on them. This is what we do not want to see.  No matter how we fight against each other, there is only one truth between heaven and earth, which is what we are doing now. We reap what we sow. If we do not have a kind heart, we will have to pay a lot to compensate what we have done. We give local leaders the autonomy to deal with these things, using their wisdom, their concerted efforts to solve the problems. We will give them the ability to solve problems so that the problems can be successfully resolved. Conflicts are inevitable during the process but it would be gratifying to be able to negotiate and concede in each negotiation. Around the world, no matter where you are, or if you are facing any problems, we are all inter-related. We also hope that the founders of the Five Religions will be able to exert your influence, take good care of your people and then bringthem back to the origin of the Dao lineage. We know that not everyone can come back here. Yet, for the sake of your people, you should bring back as many as you can. The world will be facing many more problems, one after another, but the problems will be solved. Your practice here will not be affected as everything in the world is under our control.