Ann. of Am. Buddha

Announcement of Amitabha Buddha





2011. Nov. 18

Announcement of Amitabha Buddha:

Leaders of the five religions will take turns to come to this sanctum and speak to all. Buddhism is not unfamiliar for most Eastern people. Many people in Taiwan believe in Buddhism. The Buddhist doctrines are more acceptable for Eastern people. The main ideas of Buddhism include: to be kind to everyone, to save all beings, and also the cycle of life and death. It is mostly believed by Eastern people that one must become a good person and do good things. One must not do any bad things. If you have done any bad things, even in the case that you are not punished in this life, all of your sins will follow you all the time until you reimburse all your debts. Taiwanese people are especially kind. Nowadays there are many places in Taiwan that mainly believe in Buddhism and encourage people to do good things. Since this is more acceptable for Taiwanese, it is not difficult to find followers with the name of Buddhism. However, the sanctum of true Buddhist spirits and doctrines is here. We have a lot of followers and most of them are kind and have empathy with those who are suffering from hunger or sickness. Coming from India to Taiwan, we believe that the spirits of Buddhism has been developed the best in Taiwan. No other place can interpret Buddhist classics as thoroughly as in Taiwan. Therefore, beginning from Taiwan as the center, such a spreading power is very strong. In fact, we all belong to the doctrines of Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu(Father)、Tai Zu Mu (Mother). That is, although Buddhism may be self-accomplished, the original spirit still comes from the origin of Tai Huan Tai Zu. No matter what religion, the origin can still be traced back to Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu(Father) and Tai Zu Mu (Mother). Each religion is merely a branch of doctrine. This is the concept that all religions are unified and back to the origin. Thus in Taiwan, it is the easiest way to return to the origin via Buddhist spirits. We gather up all religious doctrines, all religious leaders. We have all received the imperial edict from Tai Huan Tai Zu Fu to unify all religions. Right after we received the order we told our followers the future direction. All religious leaders have received the order, so the future of a unified religion can be foreseen. We come here to report to Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu about what are going to happen in the future. We will do our best to meet the commands from Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu(Father)、太祖母Tai Zu Mu (Mother), without any doubt or compromise. Maybe you do not see any progress nowadays, but all gods have begun to work towards the goal of unification. So in the future, when the right time comes, such a transition will be very rapid. You must be ready for this. The scale of your effort is still too small. But do not worry about this; the future development will be dramatically fast. It is just like when Buddhism begun in India, no one believed that we could make it, yet in the end we had achieved splendid results. Need not to worry that you are not capable of accomplishing these missions, everything will be arranged accordingly.


Chief Director: May I ask if all Buddha in the Western Paradise come along?

Amitabha Buddha replied: Not yet. The reason for me to come here is because of the order from Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu. I have received the order. I believe that all the other religious leaders will definitely report to Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu when they receive the order. But I don’t know when they will come.


Chief Director: Are you sure that all religion leaders must come and report to Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu?

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Amitabha Buddha: Reporting to Tai Huang Tai Zu fu means that they have received the order. Then we all need to work by ourselves. As for when we will meet the commands of Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu(Father) and Tai Zu Mu (Mother), I think this is up to each one’s capability. But Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu did ask us to work faster.