Ann. of Churchill

Announcement of Churchill

聖     傳




Announcement of Churchill:

When I came here last night, I did not know this place has been operated on a big scale. I only knew that I was here to receive the Imperial Edict from  Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu(Father)Tai Zu Mu (Mother)   , which required me to return to Europe and fix the Europe in chaos. I originally thought that it is not my time any longer and this Europe crisis has little to do with me. I was in great fear to have suddenly received the Imperial Edict. Each era has its own difficulty to overcome. For the past, war was used to resolve the situation we were in at that time. There is no need for a war now but the problems we are encountering are trickier and more difficult to solve than having a war. Each country does things in its own way and no one is willing to yield to another. The chaotic situation right now is an intractable situation. However, since it was me who received the imperial edict, I would spare no effort to deal with this situation. With the guidance of the deities, it should be resolved successfully.


First, I think I have to go back and coordinate the different opinions in United Kingdom. Each party has its own standpoint on this situation. It is not wrong for each country to take the benefits of its people into consideration. However, Europe has now become a big union that every country in Europe is bound to each other. There is no room for each country to make its own decisions. Neither can individual country be indifferent to others. It is difficult for us to understand why we have to share the burden resulted from others’ mistakes, and why we have to be hard on ourselves for others to live comfortably. This is the reason why people in some countries are against the union’s policy and its decisions since it is not easy for some people to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Those with vested interests will not let go of their benefits that easily. This is indeed a difficult situation, a critical challenge to maintain peace for the entire Europe, even the entire world. It reminds me that in the past, there were discussions and conflicts over whether the war should be started as it concerned the existence of the countries. That was a critical battle that determined whether the world would be ruled by the autocrats.


Relating the past to the present, I feel like there is no turning back. However, the problems we are facing now are more serious and bigger in scope. I cannot keep myself out of the mess and since we have encountered the problems, we can only resolve them gradually. Past experiences may not be applied to the current situation. We can only reconsider what we should do. I am still thinking what I can do and so I am not able to present any results for you. I hope that all the people in the world should be in the same league and feel for others. We do not want the unstable situation in Europe to affect the whole world. The affairs of the United Kingdom should be solved before leading the European countries moving towards the same direction.


Yesterday, when Chief General asked me if I understand Xian Tian Yi Chi and the lineage of Dao, I clearly told him that I don’t. I came here for the mission appointed to me by Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu(Father). The big mission you are taking on does not seem easy to accomplish. Each person is entrusted with different mandate, with different task and mission. Chief General’s mission is much bigger than mine. As soon as the Europe situation is resolved, perhaps I will be able to help with Zong Shou Yuan ( complete ending of the universe). As I understand your mandate and your mission, I think that you are all great. The mission is a heavy burden and it is a long road to reach your goals. Since the mission is entrusted to you, you should take the responsibility courageously and keep on going. Completing one rightful mission in your life is worthy enough for this life. As I have responded the calling for me here, I am going back to solve our problems. This thing is very difficult to solve. You must be mentally prepared for its difficulty and its large scope of influence. You must keep your work and wealth safely, for the turbulence will last for a while. The process is very demanding. You will feel painful during the turbulence.


I am grateful for Chief General’s Xian Tian Yi Chi. With the blessing from Chief General and the orders from the deities, I am sure that I will accomplish the missions and return to report.