Do pay attention to the so-called “end of the world” day

聖傳 101年12月14日

2012. DEC. 14

Announcement of Hun TunXianXuanYuHuaTaiHuangTaiZu (Father):

Everyone, be careful. Do pay attention to the so-called “end of the world” day. Many scientists, astronomers believe that such a day is impossible, or a nonsense. The majority of the people don’t believe it. But I have to tell you, in the past days, such a prophecy is not entirely based on nothing. It is based on something, some messages delivered by prophets. In the past generations, it was a result of the calculation according to the celestial movement, saying that a giant meteorite will hit Earth by December, 2012. The Earth is just a small planet in the entire universe. There are lots of stones much bigger than the Earth. In the universe, stones move and collide with each other all the time. It is not impossible for them to hit the Earth, not to mention that the Earth is small while there are many planets and meteorites much bigger than Earth. It is destined that a meteorite will fall on Earth this month, and immediately destroys all living creatures on Earth. However, people have started to help each other, and seek help from the Buddhas and deities, from Taichi Realm, Wuchi Realm, and from even above. With the help from the deities, such a disaster can be prevented. What I’m going to tell you is that this disaster is indeed prevented with the help from the deities. Do not think that the Earth is the whole universe. Do not even think that the end of the world is something impossible.Death and re-birth of a planet happen all the time in the universe, whether there is life, civilization on the planet, or just a mound of sand.It takes several thousand years for human civilization to come to this stage, but it’s just a very short time in the scale of the universe. It’s not impossible for everything to disappear and re-born at another planet. It is just not comprehensible, understandable to your current thinking patterns and logic. Do not deny such a theory just because you do not understand. Certainly, when it really happens, it is useless to make any effort or hide at anywhere.


Xian Mei asks: Now the large disaster has been prevented. Will there be any other disasters



Hun TunXianXuanYuHuaTaiHuangTaiZu (Father) replies:

The mission of ZongShou Yuan ( complete ending of the universe)has been assigned long time ago. We have our mission to complete. Of course, we cannot allow these “end of the world” messages to bother us before we complete our mission. The human civilization has gone so far and either we allow it to be completely destroyed and then to be started from scratch, or we make those chosen ones to be able to free themselves from reincarnation and return to Heaven with the help of ZongShouYuan( complete ending of the universe). The latter option is selected by the gods. Since we don’t want to give up on everyone, we hope that we can help those chosen people to be able to return to Heaven through the opportunity provided by ZongShou Yuan ( complete ending of the universe). During the decision making procedure, the decision is made through lots of debates and conflicts. Now we are facing many problems that we did not face before and they are getting more and more difficult to solve. That is, although the destruction of good and bad alike is not likely to happen, the challenge is getting tougher and the difficulty is increasing. It is not that easy to be resolved.