Hun Tun Dao Yuan Da Dao

混沌道源大道  以道掌教 以儒為宗  以佛為門

成就佛果  成仙佛聖  是末後一著 三明四暗總收圓

Hun Tun Dao Yuan Da Dao

Dao as the Foundation

Confucianism as the Doctrine

Buddhism as the School

To achieve Buddhahood

To reach the state of deities, Buddhas, and Saints

Hun Tun Dao Yuan Da Dao is

Mo Hou Yi Zhao, San Ming Si An Zhong Shou Yuan

(See explanation of the last part below)


When human beings came from Wu Ji to man’s world on earth, every group of deities and buddhas came to rule man’s world. The earth was born with the operation of Ba Gua (the eight trigrams) and with the movement of the planets in the Solar System on orbital trajectories, the time, the space and the life-span of human beings were determined. Dao orthodoxy is thus established for the central control and management of all things from the heaven, the earth till all men. The person who represents Dao orthodoxy and Tian Ming (Holy destiny) and rules man’s world is the Master. According to Ba Gua (the eight trigrams), there is a cycle of sixty four (8 x 8) generations of masters. The first generation is the Great Emperor, Fu Xi and the sixty fourth generation is Master Zhang Tian-Ran (the last generation of Ba Gua Master developed and preached I Kuan Tao). The time of salvation for all and 收圓 ended with the decease of Master Zhang. What follows is Hun Tun Shi Shui Da Dao, which descends from Hun Tun Tian. Hun Tun Shi Shui Da Dao is in charge of 總收圓, including all spirits, and souls from all directions, far and wide, returning to ‘their home’ and becoming deities, Buddhas and Saints. San Ming Si An, in Wu Ji Tian, refers to the center where Wu Ji Yu Huang stays (Yu Huang is often referred to as the Emperor of Heaven in Chinese religious tales). In Hun Tun Tian, San Ming Si An refers to the center of the Hun Tun Palace where Hun Tun Yu Hua Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu (Great Grandfather) and Tai Zu Mu ( Great Grandmother) stays. Si (泗) is the same as San (三) Ming Si (四) An, which originally refers to San Kong star and Si Li star in Zi Wei Yuan (enclosure), which is at the center of the sky/heaven.

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