A letter from T. Z. C. Director

A letter from Tian Zhen Chief Director

Dear fellow members and friends who are destined to receive such blessings, greetings to you all!

With a heavy heart, I wrote this letter out of concerns for all people on earth. Last week, I heard Hun Tun Chief General’s report to Hun TunXianXuan YuHua TaiHuang TaiZu Fu(Father)/Mu(Mother), saying that there is nothing we can do to change the current situation of the earth and to prevent the natural disasters. In the near future, the human beings and all the living things on earth will not be able to escape from destined calamities. What exactly do the calamities refer to? Please spare some time to read the following:

Sincerely yours,

Hun Tun Dao Yuan Da Dao Yi Chi Zhen Zhu, Tian Zhen Chief Director


Global warning results in the rise of sea level, the reduction of land, the drop in crop production, the fast spread of contagious diseases and unceasing natural disasters.

  1. 1.According to the report from NASA, the ice sheet of the North and South poles will be fully melt by the end of the summer 2012. What consequences will it bring?
    • 1.The ability for the ice sheets to reflect radiant heat from the sun diminishes and the overall temperature of the earth increases. It is said that the overall temperature has increased at least 1 degree Celsius. With the increase in temperature, the sea level is raised by the melted ice; the low-lying lands sink into the sea; and surface water and sea water vaporized. These result in disasters of water, fire and wind: draughts, floods, typhoons, and hurricanes.
    • 2.The increase in temperature causes the large release of CO2 in the sea. It further aggravates the extent of the disasters.
    • 3.With the increase in temperature, the melting ice sheets result in the release of methane and NOx from the ice sheets. Human beings may face the threat of dying from the toxic gas. Animals, plants and fish from the land and the sea will die out.
    • 4.The increase of temperature also results in stresses on the earth surface, in the earth's crust and also the rolling of the magma. All of these may cause the accumulated pressure built-up on the tectonic plates, and then big earthquakes will occur.
    • 5.As revealed from the scriptures, the disasters caused by winds coming from four directions and lasting for forty-nine days, warn us that all living things on earth will face serious calamities.
  2. 2.See Appendix for the reports from NASA.
  3. 3.As the destined calamities of the earth begin, for the love of all livings and to prevent the destruction of bad and good alike, the gods have created Hun Tun Dao Yuan Da Dao. Those who have practiced moral teachings, who have morality and good personality will come under the protection of Hun Tun Dao Yuan Da Dao.
  4. 4.This is an urgent matter but the majority of the people around the world have not joined Hun Tun Dao Yuan Da Dao. Therefore, those who apply to the following conditions will be able to join Hun Tun Dao Yuan Da Dao by registration through this website and come under the protection and escape from the destined calamities.
    • 1.Anyone who get down on their knees and make vows on the following:
      • 1.to be faithful to Hun TunXianXuan YuHua Tai Huang TaiZu Fu(Father)/Mu(Mother), Hun TunHoly Ancestors (Seven Generations)混沌七聖祖宗, Hun Tun Dao Yuan Da Dao, the Founder祖師 (Tian Zhen Chief Director天真總掌) and to devoutly do so throughout their lives
      • 2.to show respect to teachers and their teachings, to strictly follow the disciplines and etiquettes, to practice Dao, and to disseminate religious beliefs
      • to show the morality of saints within their hearts and to practice benevolent rules until they return to (where they are originated?)
    • 2.torepent for pass deeds and turn over a new leaf. They should devoutly expressrepentance towards Hun TunXianXuan YuHua Tai Huang TaiZuFu(Father)/Mu(Mother) and all the deities around.
    • 3.toworship Hun TunXian Xuan Yu Hua Tai Huang Tai Zu Fu(Father)/Mu(Mother), Hun Tun Holy Ancestors (Seven Generations) and all the deities around with 108 kowtows.
    • 4.When you finished the registration, please send the abovementioned contents and your personal details (Name, Nationality, Birth Date & Address) to the official email address: daoyuan999@gmail.com. We will present your registrations to the gods.
    • 1.The Satellite data of December 2007 from NASA reveals:
      Dr.Zwally, a climate scientist, predicted that by the summer of 2012, almost all of the ice sheets in the Arctic Ocean will melt completely. The melting speed of ice sheets on the surface of Greenland (South Pole) will be four times faster than the melting speed 15 years ago.
    • 2.Why are the ice sheets of the North and South Pole so important?
           It is because the ice sheets of the North Pole reflect off 80% of radiant heat from the sun and stabilize the ocean temperature at a low temperature. If the ice sheets of the North and South Pole are completed melted, the ocean gets warmer and toxic gas will be released. As a result, we may die because of the toxic. (It is estimated that more than 10 million tons of solid methane is stored under the sea floor. Methane will be released with the melting of the frozen soil.)
    • 3.Professor Gerald Dickens of Earth Science from Rice University is the chief editor of the journal, Paleoceanography, American Geophysical Union. He states that, ‘In fact, the majority of the CO2, around 93 percent, is stored at the bottom of the sea, not in the trees or in the atmosphere’.
    • 4. In a report from Institute of Artic Biology, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Dr. Katey Walter points out that, ‘At present, methane is being released from the permanently frozen earth at the Arctic. The frozen earth is a ticking time bomb. With the meltdown of the frozen earth, several million tons of methane is being released to the atmosphere, accelerating global warming.
    • 5.Dr. Gregory Ryskin’s research (Northwestern University) reveals the following: around 2.5 million years ago, there were gigantic eruptions of methane from deep in the sea, resulting in the extinction of 90 percent marine creatures and 75 percent terrestrial creatures. In his report, ‘Methane-driven oceanic eruptions and mass extinctions’, he explains how methane is released from deep in the ocean and the eruptions of methane can cause massive extinctions of marine and terrestrial living things. Dr. Ryskin further points out the possibility of such catastrophe to occur again.
    • 6.The sea water around the south-west coast of Africa is filled with toxic gas released from the sea. The sea area in which marine creatures are dead because of the toxic gas, is about the same size as the New Jersey state in the United States. The Green House Effect is worsening.
    • 7.The destined calamities of earth such as floods, earthquakes, draughts and epidermis are approaching. What shall we human beings do?

These issues should be put into serious consideration!

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